IXUS software helps network operators and subcontractors to maintain EMF Compliance. The software can be customized to use various different international compliance standards including ICNIRPIEEEARPANSA and EU standards. It is in line with the World Health Organizationguidelines and standards on all aspects of EMF exposure.

These guidelines propose field exposure limits as well as control measures to ensure that no member of the public or worker on site is exposed to radio frequency fields higher than those stipulated by the guidelines.

A typical base station installation is not necessarily inherently compliant to the abovementioned guidelines, due to the transmit power used. Mobile network operators must therefore ensure that the necessary control measures are in place at each and every site.

Ensuring a base station is EMF-compliant involves:

• Identifying non-compliant regions or zones.
• Implementing reasonable and practicable engineering or administrative control measures for identified non-compliance zones.
• Monitoring and documenting the above steps rigorously.

Compliance in any network is a process more than a state. This is because of the vast number of base station installations as well as the rapid rollout of new technology. The administrative burden of managing compliance for each base station in a large network can be considerable.

IXUS makes it easy to design, document and manage EMF compliance for a whole network. 4 major features of IXUS:

Feature 1 - IXUS Modeller : Build 3-D site models easily

IXUS Modeller is a desktop application for building base station models quickly and easily.

You can use the dimensions measured during site visits to help you build an accurate model of buildings, rooftops, access routes, ladders, lattice masts and many other architectural features.

Then snap on antennas from the IXUS library, or import your own custom antenna designs from EMSS FEKO.

Create floor plans, and sweep them into 3-D

Add antennas from a collection of frequently used antennas in the library, or import custom antennas from EMSS FEKO

Easily position objects with the auto-snapping workplane and the on-screen tape measure

Draw on the canvas or enter measurements with the keyboard.

Or, model directly in 3-D using shapes such as cuboid, roof, cylinder and more

Create pictures of the model from different angles ready for use in compliance reports.

Feature 2 - IXUS Modeller : Calculate and display EMF non-compliance zones automatically

The IXUS EMF compliance calculator can determine public and occupational non-compliance zones very accurately and display them in 3-D on the model.

The zones can be generated by one or many multi-band base station antennas or other antennas such as yagis and grid antennas.

The EMF Compliance Calculator is fully integrated with the IXUS software solution so it’s easy to recalculate the zones repeatedly, as a base station model develops.

Display zones of public and occupational non-compliance in 3-D

Produce your calculations in as little as a few seconds on a typical PC

Generate orthoslices to illustrate how environmental levels of non-ionising radiation compare to EMF general public guidelines

Generate accurate results efficiently, even for complex sites

Work with many antennas of different types

Feature 3 - IXUS Manager : Generate customised compliance reports and certificates

The report generator creates compliance reports automatically, using the base station information you stored in the IXUS Manager database.

You can customise the reports to suit your organisation’s specific requirements. The reports are created in digitally signed PDF format, and stored by IXUS Manager.

Automated report generation dramatically reduces the effort and documentation required to manage EMF compliance for a network.

There are three types of report.

Environmental Report

A one-page document on EMF compliance for a site, aimed specifically at local government authorities and the public. The report contains site specific information, as well as a graphical depiction of the field levels in the vicinity of the base station installation.

Site Management Report

This detailed report includes technical information about a site, and graphically depicts non-compliant zones on a site. This information can be used by RF workers to avoid entering non-compliant zones or to request the necessary administrative controls, such as power-down or shut-down of transmitters if work needs to be completed in these zones.

Compliance Certificate

This certificate serves as official documentation to note that all EMF compliance measures have been implemented at a site. It can be signed by the dedicated person(s) who has been appointed to verify compliance at a site.

Create reports using a simple step by step process

Create official documentation to certify the EMF compliance of a site

Create graphical, at-a-glance reports for government and the public.

Ensure site compliance status is automatically enforced and accurate across the whole network. Changes to a base station’s information automatically impact its compliance status

Drag and drop pictures from the 3-D model for inclusion in reports

Generate information-rich reports on non-compliance zones for RF workers

Feature 4 - IXUS Manager : Store and share base station information and documents

The IXUS Manager web application stores all the information you need for carrying out EMF compliance assessments. The information is held in a secure central database and can be shared across your whole compliance team.

IXUS Manager stores:

  • Core information, such as site name and location
  • 3-D models made with the IXUS Modeller
  • Site documents and digital photos
    Comments and instructions about the EMF Compliance status of a site
  • All the information required to generate base station reports

Search and filter your base station database

Control base station compliance status with an automated workflow

Create and manage multiple users to allow collaboration and control user permissions.

Ensure that records are not accidentally overwritten when different team members work on the same base station at the same time.

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