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The key catalyst of the success mainly lies on our e-business enable Channel Management Solutions (CMS). Being the concept pioneer, we developed our own online software to support business operation in the human-network management. With today’s accumulated database, we have thousands of channel members joining us in this program.

Our own in-house developed online software was tailor-made to provide comprehensive solutions for us to market, measure and optimized sales besides back-end managements on applications, financial performance, commission disbursement, knowledge based centre and etc. Up to this end, the software does not only help us to run our business virtually, we even further successfully developed strong human network that covers the whole Malaysia.

In fact, our CMS has extended new business opportunities with the main players of Internet Service Providers such as the Telekom Malaysia, Celcom, Maxis and P1 Wimax.

As World Wide Web has become a major part of human’s life which dynamically changing the society, the CMS is the best platforms for communication, marketing, training and information centre, research, business operations and etc.
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