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Intel® Platform Administration Technology (IPAT)
Lightning 2009 is the continuity solution for Intel® Platform Administration Technology (IPAT). With this new OS level Lightning technology embedded you can now run IPAT technology other than Intel motherboard which is supported IPX and TCPIP protocol, it is one of best world class iCafé management solution in today industry. It is one of the best performance software and is second to none in the industry. Reflected in the quick start menu, faster game start, 3 level game updates, fast updates rates on client; all the features bring fun dripping feelings to the customers.
Data on the fly
Lightning 2009 is the most advance software in the industry. Reflected in quick start menu, faster game start, 3 level game updates, server client fast updates, fast deployment, market fastest comparison engine and more. All these features are “wow” factor to the customers.
Security Centre
Lightning 2009 Security Centre is a powerful, secure and reliable. The only product in cyber management software that has immunity for Trojan virus, which fully reflects the technical superiority, combined with 360 run game before the Trojans sweep function for iCafé owners
Highlight Personalized Internet Café

Lightning 2009 support different style of menu bars. It also allow appearance customization and personalization on the customer input methods, collection of game and software application.

Customer Loyalty & Electricity Savings

Lightning 2009 ensure software patches upgrades, online games updates and also the reliability of the internet iCafé for long trouble free operation. It integrates Intel’s power-saving technology, saving the computer 10% of the overall consumption, helping reduce operating costs cafes.

Hintsoft Lightning 2009 Features
Able to support disk or disketless iCafe environment and multiple hardware platforms. Support all Microsoft Window Os and Linux Os.
Impeccable server client update rate, using p2p intranet technology and effectively reduce the volume of data for server updates within the same network environment.
It’s hard disk Restore function is the world’s most advanced technology and able to reduce disk consumption through a written, comprehensive protection without the need to restore D drive data storage. It’s safe and convenient, non-penetrating capacity constraints, no disk fragmentation, low resources consumption on the server.
Integrated 3 levels quality of service for excellent auto game update and able to reduce huge amount the resources on game server. Saving a lot of operational time for online game update.
Able to support second generation Linux and Windows Virtual Disk. Second Generation Linux and Window Virtual Disk feature the highest industry performances. The 64-bit memory cache function is more efficient under the same conditions. It was significantly better and higher performance than other products. Ideally for small and big internet  iCafe to use.
Strong Security Center Management and advanced anti-virus technology for iCafe clients.
Featured game management and advanced anti-virus technology for iCafe clients.
To help iCafe maintenance personnel for a rapid construction, automatic installation and configuration capabilities to all the clients. One time image deployment to all are available for all the software configurations
Has it own applications dos called Hintdos, laso in line with the integrated “PAT” network clone, so internet iCafe operator can maintain the system faster and more convenient.
Able to do personalize appearance for game menu and highlight Internet Cafes branding.
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