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A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. Functioning as a relay between client and server, proxy servers help prevent an attacker from invading a private network and are one of several tools used to build a firewall. Web proxy servers maintain log files listing every request, from outgoing traffic, made to the proxy server.
Website monitoring is the process of testing and verifying that end users can interact with a website or web application. Website monitoring is often used by businesses to ensure that their sites are live and responding.
Services Provided:
  • Regularly conduct checks on the server for its status and efficiency.
  • Send out notification mails, SMS, etc in case of a failure.
  • Carry out checks on the server from a visitor's perspective and from multiple locations.
  • Provide an interactive tool to the server owner to carry out remote checks.
Benefits of Proxy and Web Monitoring:
Maximize Employee Productivity
Identify employees who excessively use corporate Internet resources for recreational purposes.
Ensure Policy Compliance
Identify misuse and ensure compliance with acceptable Internet usage policies by monitoring which sites are being viewed, for how long, what is being downloaded and by whom.
Ensure Legal Compliance
Mitigate risk of costly liability and litigation issues by ensuring compliance with acts and regulations relating to Internet usage.
Reduce and Verify Bandwidth costs
  Assess bandwidth usage and identify excessive downloading from particular websites, of specific files, and by which employee. Verify accuracy of Internet Service Provider's charges.
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