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The greatest impact MetroE Dedicated Internet Access can have on your business financially because of its ability to cut hardware, support and labor costs while leaving the networking to professionals who perform nothing but those tasks for a living.

Product Overview

MetroE Dedicated Internet Access is designed for businesses that need greater Internet capacity and a dedicated connection between their existing Local Area Network (LAN) and the public Internet.

Why SNS MetroE Dedicated Internet Access?

Organizations everywhere utilize the Internet as an essential business tool. Ethernet-based Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services provide many benefits over T1-based DIA services. DIA services eliminate the need to buy more capacity than what is required.

How Does Ethernet Based Dedicated Internet Work?

Ethernet Dedicated Internet provides an Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) from the customer's location to an existing Internet Point of Presence (POP) router. Our Ethernet interface enables true plug-and-play compatibility with your LAN.


Safe & Secure

Transfer your data securely by leveraging a dedicated network infrastructure and direct fiber connections to the points of presence with managed network.


We manage and proactively monitor both our last mile and networks 24/7/365, delivering minimum of 99.70% reliability. SLAs are standard and backed by our responsive local engineering teams for even greater peace of mind.


With fully symmetrical speeds that range from 4 Mbps to 1 Gbps, our service gracefully scales to support your business’s growing data needs without the time and expense of adding new equipment.


MEF compliance ensures seamless “plug and play” interoperability with your existing network(s), virtually eliminating the need for protocol conversion.


Delivers high-speed Ethernet connectivity that enables your business to employ the latest technologies to combine your voice, video and data networks. Provides significantly improved bandwidth value versus legacy technologies and eliminates the need to purchase expensive CPE.


Multiple topologies are available such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or fully meshed multipoint to meet your specific needs. Hybrid solution support mission-critical operations and benefits from data path redundancy, reduces risk, downtime and unplanned outages.

Our Solutions

Expect premium WAN infrastructure designs, consultancy services and Multi Internet Provider with multiple domestic and international peering; all of which is through mixing and matching the technological functionality to meet the highest expectation of our clients’ business objectives.

· Manage Internet Services


· Broadband for Home

· Network Operation Centre

· Network Security

· IT Application and Hardware Services

· Manage Internet Services

Get the latest in scalable internet access that are customizable to our clients’ demanding network needs. Exclusively designed in high-tech internet architecture versatility, Managed Internet Services feature High Speed Metro E, Hybrid Wireless, Manage IPVPN that are supported by excellent Service level Agreements (SLAs) and Managed WAN services that ranges from constant internet health monitoring to detailed reporting formats.

· High Performance Internet access with flexible options and prices to meet high bandwidth usage applications and processor demands with realistic budgets.

· One- HOP accessibility to all major internet peering points and direct peering within the major industry players.


Enjoy high quality calls through premium router offered to our clients. Furthermore, SNS also provides IP-PBX, IP-Phones, call centre headsets and many more; all in which customized to the organization needs and expectations.

· Broadband for Home

Upgrade to a higher broadband internet speed especially to high-rise residencies. We offer wireless technologies, Ethernet cabling, xDSL and Fibre Optic; which covers the provision of internet service and a community telephony system to each and every unit respectively.

· Manage Data Centre Services

Ensure a smooth streamline of unparalleled availability, high security and optimal-speed through our Managed Data Centre Services. This ensures a boost in our client’s computing environment that is not only cost efficient but state-of-the-art facilities support and industry certified best practices.

· Carrier-neutral

· Direct backhaul fiber links to carrier hotels, peering exchanges and financial exchanges.

· Tier 3 ready data centre infrastructure

· Superior hosting infrastructure supporting today’s ever-changing technological demands

· Secure facilities with 24X7 and 365 days continuous Remote Hands services

· Global Security and ISO27001 compliances

· Network Operation Centre

SNS monitors and stringently analyses network system remotely from our state-of-the-art facilities around the clock. Our clients’ are guaranteed with swift response supports and on-site services that can be arranged at ad-hoc or scheduled conveniently.

· IT Application and Hardware Services

One-stop IT hub to our clients, we design and deploy targeted IT management solutions to support various IT operations and business processes respectively. These solutions are designed are in accordance to best practices, innovation and years of experience – all in which are highly customizable to our clients’ demands and needs.

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