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SNS Network (ICT) offers wide range of creative ICT solutions, from network infrastructure solutions, to computer system solutions. We support all aspects of your computer systems and applications, servers, networks, security and data management. Services are not only provided to organizational corporate but to residential customers as well. Together with our customers we build solutions that will help you to understand and manage your company or house using a more advance technology that is build today.

Our ICT solutions field includes the following fields:

Network Infrastructure
Network infrastructure is the physical artifacts of an internet technology which used to interconnect between users and computer as well as to transmit data electronically.SNS Network provides to you a fast, secure and efficient data transfer within your organization by handling the flow and processing of information using different types of network infrastructure available.
Server and Application
A server is a software program, or the computer on which that program runs, that provides a specific kind of service to client software running on the same computer or other computers on a network. SNS Network provides services to various types of servers which have dedicated functionality of their own as well as applications which are related.
Security Management
SNS Network also presents a highly efficient security management for your computer. Security management not only provides a broad overview of computer security, but also offers guidance for improving business systems and procedures. Security management helps protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information of your computer.
Surveillance Solution
SNS Network offers a complete line of surveillance solutions which is reliable and advance in technology. Surveillance solutions provide functionality such as structured delivery of managed solutions, monitoring of key assets as well as provides immediate situational awareness in any environment.
Data Collection System
Data collection is preparing and collecting data to help keep on record as well as help in decision making. SNS Network provides data collection system which enables you to easily and efficiently collect required data by using the most advance technology of the barcode system as well as biometric solutions.
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