20-sim is a modeling and simulation program that runs under Microsoft Windows. With 20-sim you can model and simulate the behavior of dynamic systems, such as electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems or any combination of these. 

20-sim fully supports graphical modeling and allows you to design and analyze dynamic systems in a intuitive and user friendly way. 20-sim supports the use of components. This helps you to enter models as in an engineering scheme: by choosing components from the library and connecting them, your engineering scheme is actually built without entering a single line of math!


• Rapid system modeling through iconic diagrams, block diagrams, bond graphs and equations.
• Fully observable, unlimited hierarchical model structure.
• Active support of top-down, inside-out and bottom-up modeling.
• Multiple libraries with a large set of domain-oriented models
• Inspect any library model and change it for your own use
• Save models for reuse, or archive models for easy distribution
• Add graphical elements (lines, arrows, rectangles, text and bitmaps) to your models
• Advanced simulation algorithms with high simulation speeds
• Advanced debugging facilities
• Import and export of data to MATLAB, also during a simulation run
• Full support of units to improve model reuse between si and non-si based countries
• Parameter sweeps

• Monte carlo analysis
• Variation analysis
• Fast fourier analysis of any simulation plot
• Representation of FFT analysis as bode plot, frequency response or power spectral density plot
• ANSI-C code generation
• Numerical and symbolic linearization of non-linear simulation models.
• 3d animation
• Linear system editor for continuous-time and discrete-time linear models
• Filter editor
• Controller design editor
• B-spline network editor
• Cam wizard
• Motion profile wizard
• Parameter optimization
• Sensitivity analysis

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