Biometric Solution

Biometric technologies are no more technolgies that is only a dream or fiction in the movies.Over the past few years, real world biometric technologies have become more and more common and widely used either in government agencies, offices and even schools and campuses to authenticates an individual’s identity. Biometrics identify an individual using methods beyond mere physical and virtual credentials but focuses on the uniqueness of a person’s biological and behavioural characteristics using voice authentication, facial recognition and finger print identification.

Fingerprint Identification

Fingerprint identification acquires an image of a fingerprint either by optical scanning or capacitance sensing. Generation of biometric templates is based on matching minutiae, characteristic features in fingerprints. This system has been develop and was used in many security application systems. Fingerprint recognition is also widely used in door accessing authentication.

Retinal or Iris Recognition

Both, retinal and iris scanner are forms of biometric data capture based on scanning different parts of the eye. In a retinal scan, a biometric template is formed by recording the patterns of capillary blood vessels at the back of the eye. Iris scanning can be performed remotely using a high-resolution camera and templates generated by a process similar to retinal scanning. It is a very suitable system which can be apply for door accessing, especially entrance door.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition works by extracting key characteristics such as relative position of eyes, nose, mouth, and ears from photographs of an individual's head or face. Facial recognition system is typically used as security surveillance system. This can be done by capturing the face images using video camera and the captured images data will be match with the databases' images for identification.

Speaker Verification / Voiceprint Recognition

Voiceprint recognition compares the vocal patterns of an individual with previously enrolled samples. An advantage of voice-print techniques is it has the potential to detect duress or coercion through the analysis of stress patterns in the sample voiceprint. This system is suitable to used as access surveillance system which identification detected through voice such as telephone banking.

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