Email Server

The email server is computer within your network that functions as your virtual post office where it receives incoming e-mail from local users and remote senders and forwards outgoing e-mail for delivery.

4 areas of the server:

  • Storage area where e-mail is stored for local users.
  • Set of user definable rules which determine how the mail server should react to the destination of a specific message.
  • Database of user accounts that the mail server recognizes and will deal with locally
  • Communications modules which are the components that actually handle the transfer of messages to and from other mail servers and email client

The mail server works side by side with other programs to make up what is known as a messaging system which includes all the applications necessary to keep e-mail moving as it should. When an e-mail message is sent, the e-mail program such as Outlook or Eudora, will forwards the message to the mail server, which subsequently forwards it either to another mail server or to a holding area on the same server called a message store to be forwarded later.

SNS Network (ICT) provides professional mail server services as to enable clients to manage their e-mails application and server in a much easier and efficient, reduces complexity in handle their email applications.


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