“Choices with JOI, Enjoyment with JOI”

JOI® is a collaboration between Intel, Microsoft and SNS Network to develop and produce IoT (Internet of Things) devices and solutions.

JOI aims to provide people in all walks of life different choices of IoT devices that would satisfy their different individual needs and wants.

With JOI, we provide secure and scalable IoT solutions powered by Intel in improving operational efficiency, productivity, and quality across industries.

2-in-1 Combines the powers of a laptop and tablet

JOI® 2-in-1 laptop, or hybrid notebook, is a device that can serve both as a laptop and tablet. It has a detachable design that see the touchscreen doubing as a tablet. It combines the performance of a laptop; the fun and versatility of a tablet into a sleek, razor thin device. With the ability to run Desktop Softwares, USB port and keyboard, JOI® 2-IN-1 has an endless array of option for entertainment and productivity.

Innovate with Tablets

Great tablets are made to drive performance and efficiency.Now with JOI® tablets, tablets standards are taken to a new heights. JOI® tablets are small and lightweight and can easily be carried by anyone, anytime and anywhere. JOI® tablets provide a very engaging experiences, and can be compatible to fit your style of living.

Great Performance in Mini PC

The powerful performance just got smaller. Save space by staying small while giving users the power to do great things- with the almighty JOI® mini PC. With its space saving design, it will be a perfect fit for any environment. The portability makes it ideal for any location of your choice. A perfect balance of value and performance.

Smartphone for you

Multi-functionality, portability and connectivity open new doors for your daily life. With a range of features and functionality available for JOI® smartphones, users can now enjoy easy web browsing and effortless multitasking. It also provides users with access to tons of contents anytime and anywhere, keeping you connected. All in one, a JOI® smartphone is your portable companion.

Beyond Connectivity

JOI® Connect is developed with the evolving and ever changing needs of students and teacher in mind. Powered by Intel® Atom™ processor, this versatile device is suitable for both wireless and wired environment as well as limited access to internet locations, making it a perfect device for a wide variety of needs and demand.
It’s an access point and content server in small but powerful package. Flexible, portable and easy to use, the JOI® Connect makes learning outside the classroom fun and enjoyable.

Ergonomic Design

JOI® introduces the Wireless Pen which gives you a brand new experience on cursor control for
better handling and more comfort. It’s ideal for presentations and can turn any existing whiteboard, projection screen and most flat surface into an interactive whiteboard.
It also supports multi pen mode with up to four users to work on simultaneously.

Android Platform

Android is considered as the one most popular mobile operating system in the world due to its open system for ease of notification and customizable. For Android devices, JOI® introduces these amazing devices such as JOI® 7 Lite and JOI® 8 Lite. Enjoy the Android experiences like never before with JOI® devices and its wide range of downloadable contents from the applications store.

Windows Platform

Windows, well known for its user friendly interface and productivity is another popular operating system which most users are familiar with it.
JOI® introduces a wide range of Windows devices from tablets; JOI® 8i, PC on-a-go; JOI® PC Stick, JOI® BOX and 2 in 1 devices: JOI® 10 Flip, JOI® 11 PRO and JOI® 12 to serve different users with various usage needs. With these remarkable JOI® Windows devices, users will enjoy different form factors range to further help in their daily life computing.

Ultrathin Notebook​

JOI® Ultrathin Notebook engineers a full sized experience into a thin and lightweight notebook. Now equipped with Intel® processors, anyone can perform efficiently from daily task like launching apps and opening files to more advanced computing, you can power through your day thanks to faster SSDs too.
With powerful technologies in an incredibly compact enclosure, JOI® is designed to fit perfectly into any play or work.


The future of education technology is very promising together with JOI® to provide a new and fun way of learning among teachers and students of all varies sectors.
Teachers can use JOI® products to monitor and teach the class on their preferred subjects. With JOI® Connect, it functions as an access point which will provide an easier teaching experience and further increases the learning understanding from students.

Charging Solution​

JOI® Mobile Charging Cabinet Solution

There will no longer be any shortage of power thanks to JOI®s very own charging cabinet solution; the JOI® Station. Designed for multipurpose functionality such as storage, security and safety, JOI® Mobile Charging Cabinet Solution has it own universal mobile charging thanks to its versatile charging ports that support up to
65 devices from all range of smartphones and tablets. JOI®​Station, an innovative charging solution enhance values to your business and corporate needs in various industries such as education, hospitality, tourism, events and others.

Interactive Whiteboard

JOI® Smart Board

JOI® Smart Board powered by Intel can connect to mobile device and transmit files or pictures from mobile devices to it wirelesly. It is integrated solution to mirror mobile and pc display with support of HD photos and videos, with 4K UHD resolution.

It is multi OS and multi module, with built in android system, plugable PC module, detachable Wi-Fi module and can easily switch between system.

It has a fluent touch and writing experience that support up to 20 points touch and 10 points writing.

The OPS module supports Intel core i3, i5 and i7 processor with Android and Microsoft. Comes in various screen sizes in 55″, 65″, 70″, 75″ and 86″.

Smart Classroom

JOI® Smart Center

It is a classroom collaboration management systems to increased adoption of synchronous e-learning in educational institutions. It provides a broad range of features to support effective teaching and learning supporting interactivity and collaborative work, and providing tools to organize lessons and assess student classroom progress.

JOI® Insight

It is a Smart School administrative tools that embrace advances in Cloud Computing, Mobile Technology, and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data to improve their operational practices and efficiency. Students are fast swapping traditional books for computer tablets and getting the opportunity to experience virtual classroom. While enabling students an opportunity for experience with these innovative technologies within the classroom.



Our JOI DIY/PC streamlines entire desktop system that meet your computing needs with amazing performance. We can cater all requirement to your needs and budget with the best price to performance.

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